Sandi Glowe – Power Weakness

Manchester based singer-song-writer Sandi Glowe’s new EP is a stunning education in musicality, combining dark pop with operatic elements, cinematic sound scapes and dramatic electronic pulses. Emotions and passions run high though five tracks on this raw but well produced record.

“This EP is an invite to find a moment to reflect about how nothing is intrinsically good or bad, but it’s our way to look at it and what society establishes that makes them that way.” claims Italian born artist Sandi Glow on her latest release, a record that’s sound starts off as complex and mysterious as it’s creators description of it. Opener, ‘Never Be Here’, set’s the tone for this record perfectly, It’s vocal loops layer as if to build a foundation until joined by the lead vocal line that guides us, in hush tones, to a dynamic build of synth keys that provides an almost biblical catechism for Sandi’s sound. The Vow eases us back down to earth for just a moment, beginning in quaint minimalism and then barreling forward gathering more and more pop elements as it goes, accumulating 80’s inspired synth sounds and captivating guitar licks, taking a breath and them dynamically coming to a head. The halfway point is sleek dark pop track ‘Around Us’, which Sandi describes as ‘the rediscovery of stepping out of our own mind and realise that there is so much beauty around us, but how we can be blind to it because of the fear that dominates our inner world.’ A brief spoken word interlude that allows reflection on the ideas explored in the EP so far before final track and lead single ‘Corner of Heaven’, the show piece of this record without a doubt. Corner of heaven twists and turns while you can feel the emotional burden carried by the song it’s self, it’s a fusion of ideas executed to beautifully and dramatically.

On the whole Power Weakness, is incredibly ambitious, and it’s beautiful production, courtesy of Samuel Jones, but Sandi’s execution gives purpose to each track. The ideas put forward of this record are complex yet it has almost Scandi, Robyn elements supported my a harsh industrial core that mirrors the likes of Bilie Eilish, but like any record looking to push boundaries this EP is at some points bizarre but alway beautiful.

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