5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (15/02/21)

Here’s this week essential listening all tied up in a need little bow, so share it, pop it on your playlists, give the band and like and feel free to give us a shout out too, it really helps us to grow our socials. Thanks for all your support so far this year we really appreciate it and we’ll have some awesome shows to announce for you soon with Lewsberg already on sale, grab a ticket here. In the mean time here are the 5 tracks you need to hear this week:

Cultures – Ghost

Brooding rock with indie-pop tendencies; the latest single from Manchester alt-rock trio Cultures is a mix of elements that build into a well balanced rock track with a steady beat and a synth line that wouldn’t be out of place on the DARK soundtrack. ‘Ghost’ is allows the band to embrace a darker side of their sound whilst still keeping that clean cut indie rock style.

Warrington Music – Swings and Waterslides

Five years on from a tragedy that shook the music world, a collection of musicians from the bands home town of Warrington pay tribute to Viola Beach by recording a cover of their single ‘Swings and Waterslides’. All involved knew the band personally and every penny made from streaming royalties goes to charities chosen by the band members families. It’s a truly touching covering and a touching gesture to a band that we should have been seeing take on the world right now. Please stream ‘Swings and Waterslides’.

Julian Skiboat – Flowers

Listening to Flowers feels like something I really needed this week, one listen through resent all the stress levels in my brain. It’s hazy guitar riffs and sailing synth line form the safe space I think we all need right now. Jam-packed with lazy melody

Low Hummer – Never Enough

Hull has a habit of producing some really amazing new bands and Low Hummer are no exception. Their new single ‘Never Enough’ is big, bold and is a brilliant introduction to the band if you’ve never listened to them before.

I would compare them to Bombay Bicycle Club, this song is fast but is also really easy listening. The main guitar hook in the chorus lines up perfectly with the vocal melody and it just sounds ace, I can imagine just how good this would sound live.


If you’re looking for that perfect late night banger to chill out to while you endlessly scroll through Tik Tok or just lay on your bed and pretend you’re in some kind of teenage coming of age drama then LORDLESS has got you covered. ‘Hotel’ is the new single from Worcestershire based solo artist LORDLESS and is the second single from his upcoming EP ‘Nothing more than a memory’ which is due for release later this year.

The song is slow and the guitar line is really catchy, it has a 1975 influence which comes from mixing ambient synth sounds with strong guitar hooks. LORDLESS’ vocals flow over the top of the music really well, almost like jigsaw pieces slotting together.

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