Fauna – Sometimes

The latest single from Manchester quartet, Fauna, it’s a indie-country fusion that’s addictive riffs and off beat vocal patters add another dimension to the bands sound. ‘Sometimes’ maintains their their classic indie rock round with signature folky vibe but steps things up a gear with summer vibes and warm melodies that are guaranteed to get things going at your socially distant BBQ this year.

In the saturated Manchester indie scene it’s hard to stand out amongst all the other lads with guitars and skinny jeans, but Fauna seem to have cracked it. The four piece consisting of brothers Danny and Adam plus Scott and Tom have worked hard on refining their sound, whilst still guitar centric they’ve taken 70’s inspiration and added an Americana edge and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow and develop that sound over the past couple of years. Their latest single ‘Sometimes’ could be their strongest work yet and captures Fauna’s sound perfectly, those strong Followill-esque vocals and signature splashing cymbal, complete with driving drums. Gorgeously produced guitars almost duel for centre stage, that sticking guitar riff I won’t be able to get out of my head, that trebly guitar crunching out chords, whilst the silky bass moves things along beneath . Vocally it’s pretty close to faultless accented nicely with a unique singing pattern that spits and howls simultaneously , Fauna have never been one’s to throw a simple vocal melody over the top of a few chords, it’s really part of their originality and their charm.

For me this latest track really steps things up a gear for Fauna, ‘Sometimes’ is fun, it’s cool, it’s always busy but there’s never too much going, it’s indie folk style calls reference to ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’ and ‘Kings of Leon’ but but only in tone, it’s undeniably Fauna. According to the band ‘Sometimes is about ‘things we feel everyday, numb to the news, numb to how bad the world feels, despair at the politicians and lies, not knowing what to care about and what to ignore.‘ For me, it illuminates a path way and helps give a clear direction to where the band are headed. You can stream Fauna’s amazing new single ‘Sometimes’ bellow:

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