5 Tracks you need to hear this week (08/02/21)

James Humphrys – Three Weeks

Vibes, Vibes and even more Vibes. Bristol’s James Humphrys has just released his new single ‘Three Weeks’ and it’s an absolute banger.

It’s a shame this song has come out during a dull winter lockdown as this song is perfect for the summer, channeling Alfie Templeman and Will Joseph Cook this song’s upbeat feel is one you should definitely wrap your ears around.

The Blue Stones – Spirit

If you like Death from Above and Royal Blood then The Blue Stones are 100% your new favourite band. Their new single ‘Spirit’ is a hard hitting song filled with loads of different sonic ideas mixed with huge guitar riffs and great vocal lines.

This song never slows down, you’re pulled in from the offset and they don’t let go until the final piece of reverb, an incredibly strong single from their new album ‘Hidden Gems’ which comes out on 19th March 2021.

BULL – Eugene

Things just seem to be going right for BULL at the moment, they’re a newly signed outfit from York and are set to release their new album ‘Discover Effortless Living’ in March 2021 and if they’re latest single ‘Eugene’ is anything to go by we are in for a treat.

This tune is scrappy in all the right ways and channels the garage rock vibes we all know and love. The song is infectious and as soon as it finishes you’ll want to rewind all the way back to the start and hit play once more.

Flawes – Higher than Before

British Indie Pop band Flawes have just released their latest single ‘Higher than Before’ as part of their new EP ‘Reverie’ and it’s catchy as hell.

The main thing I noticed about this song is the flawless production, this song sounds like it has been brushed over with a fine comb and it really shows. This song also features vocals from Mali-Koa, which are a brilliant addition at the very peak of the song, JC and Mali-Koa’s vocals fit together really well.

Billie Marten – Garden of Eden

Personally, Billie Marten will always be my favourite vocalist named Billie, and this has been backed up by her newest release ‘Garden of Eden’.

This song really gives me early Bombay Bicycle Club vibes and although Billie’s vocals are something to behold the song has some dark undertones which is wonderfully eclipsed by an incredibly beautiful sounding chorus.

Her new album is set for release on 21st May and It’s looking like it’s going to be full of great songs such as this!

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