Pizza Crunch – Coma-Inducing Gibberish

Coma-Inducing Gibberish latest single from one of our Ones to Watch, Pizza Crunch. Their recipe of 00’s indie pop energy and dark 80’s undertones result in a stunning sound epitomised on their latest effort. Somewhere between The Vaccines and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Coma-Inducing Gibberish finds a common ground between influences resulting in this ultra-slick guitar-pop explosion.

 Glasgow alt-rock quartet Pizza Crunch

Glasgow alt-rock four piece Pizza Crunch are starting their year off with a bang thanks to their highly addictive new single ‘Come-Induced Gibberish’, a big ball of indie-pop energy that’s laced with post-punk influences. This track is riff heavy but there’s never too much going on, those stylish Strokes-esque guitar tones catch the ears straight from the off and the track is executed in a similar style and precision as the New-York icons debut album. It’s beat perfect drums are a driving force through out as they tap precisely away just behind just behind melodic but powerful guitar, but I’d say the real seduction of the latest Pizza Crunch single comes from singer Ewan Hearns vocal lines, there’s a post-punk style depth to it all as he sings in such a joyous tone with a Justin Young style delivery. Despite these reference points the track is uniquely Pizza Crunch, their energetic fun rock sound that was a big part of their previous two singles in here in abundance now.

Speaking about their latest single the band said: “The song essentially builds to a chorus that outlines the pain of speaking to someone who won’t stop talking. The verses follow life setbacks and lead to the conversation with this person in the chorus being all the more infuriating and ‘coma-inducing’. We recorded it with Chris Marshall (Gerry Cinnamon) and Johnny Madden (Baby Strange) and are so excited to release it.” Coma-Inducing Gibberish is the latest release through Liverpool base Disobedient Records, who’ve released a bunch of amazing tracks over the past few months and this is might be the best yet, an absolute monster added to their catalogue.

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