Freya Beer – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

Freya’s deeply poetic lyrics and gothic aura is spellbinding, so this was always going to be an exiting read, and definitely one of the more interesting selections we’ve had so far. Freya Beer’s new single ‘Siren’ is out Feb 26th via Sisterhood records be sure to check it out, but in the meantime here are five of the albums that help shaped her unique sound.

  1. Danny Elfman – Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack (1990)

Growing up I’ve always loved to listen to film soundtracks, this one in particular! Overall, Tim Burton films bring a sense of gothic magic and Danny Elfman is the icing on top. When I first saw the scene where Winona Ryder starts dancing in the snow in the film, the track ‘Ice Dance’ begins to play. I find that scene very mesmerising and the music helps portray that. Elfman work has always brought out that “gothic magic” within my own writing.

  1. Buffy Sainte Marie – Illuminations (1970)  

When I listen to the album ‘Illuminations’ it almost feels like some sort of religious experience. Whether that’s down to the percussion used but Buffy Sainte Marie knows how to take you to an other worldly place in your mind. Her music and songwriting will forever inspire me to think outside the box.

  1. Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Soundtrack (1990)

I remember the first David Lynch film I watched was Mulholland Drive. I was really young and I believe it was the title which drew my interest to watch the film. Since then I’ve always had a deep love for Lynch’s work and was introduced to Twin Peaks by one of my university lecturers and that’s how I discovered the composer Angelo Badalamenti. I read in one of Lynch’s book that when they came to write the score for Twin Peaks, Lynch would recite the script and Angelo would pick out notes on the piano which replicated that certain tone of mood in the scene. Creative processes like that intrigue me and when I write songs I like to envision a scenario in my head which I believe is captured in my music.

  1. The Mamas & The Papas – The Papas & The Mamas (1968)

This album is my kind of escapism, especially during these emotional and testing times. The album brings the Californian sunshine into your bedroom, and you are immediately transported to your happy place. I could listen to Mama Cass’ voice all day.

  1. Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie and Clyde (1968)

I discovered Gainsbourg along with other French 60’s artists around 18 years old. I even attempted to write my own French song because his work inspired me that much! This album blew my little socks off. The production, particularly on the song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, gave me goosebumps when I first listened to it. For me, considering it’s a 60s track, it’s sounds so ahead of it’s time! Serge Gainsbourg was a controversial genius.

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