5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (01/02/21)

We made it through January, that’s a good start right? And to get your month going properly we’ve got you first essential listening for February, and it’s packed with bangers. So give them a listen, add them to your playlist and share them with your friends, and if you find something you like give us a little shout out on social media, it doesn’t hurt right? Any way, here they are, the five tracks you need to hear this week.

The Watchmakers – Clover

After a longer than expect hiatus the Manchester Neo-psychedelic group The Watchmakers return with new single ‘Clover‘ a sunshine shrouded, upbeat six minuets that’s the perfect distraction from all this gloominess and gives me images of finally getting back to a big field in the sweltering sun. Thanks to it’s droning vocals and undeniable swagger ‘Clover‘ oozes cool, but it’s the rock-solid beats and sliding melodies that will guarantee the latest outing from The Watchmakers will be stuck inside your head until you can finally see it live.

Palma Louca – Stationary Life

If those beat perfect drums and that rattling bass line don’t get you wanting to get back to gigs then I don’t think you’re listening properly. ‘Stationary Life‘ is Tyne-side shoe-gazers Palma Louca‘s third single, it’s fantastic layers of noise and solid vocal melodies build and build into a heavenly dream-pop sound scape with real Night Cafe vibes, the epitome of essential listening.

The Utopiates – Only Human

These London newcomers gift us a stunning debut that incorporates dark pop elements with authentic 80’s vibes, someones parents were defiantly Depeche Mode fans. It’s big guitar riff are matched by it’s dramatic vocals, there’s no denying that ‘Only Human‘ is a track with huge energy, and a massively exciting start for The Utopiates.


Leeds rock band VENUS GRRRLS have released a whole host of in your face, high energy bangers and their latest is no exception. Crunchy guitars and a rumbling bass, this track is a full throttle ode to growing up an outcast and owning it. Perfect howls of ‘I wanna be a goth girl’ paired with that synth cutting through everything just underneath while the drums thrash, it’s a real tour-de-force of noise.

Marc Todd – Feel Like a Hurricane

The first single from Marc Todds upcoming debut album is a beautifully produced indie folk track with psychedelic vibes but still true to it’s indie roots. ‘Feel Like a Hurricane’ is a little ball of indie euphoria, there are certainly elements of early Kasabian and later Oasis in here and that tremolo guitar in the middle is a real treat. A real mix of rhythm and melody and I can’t get enough of that wicked beat underneath, a real road trip playlist essential.

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