Cliché Cult – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

Off the back of their second single ‘Someone Like You’ we asked Yorkshire indie rock band Cliché Cult about the albums that shaped them and their unique sound that blends indie rock noise with post-punk vibes. ‘Someone Like You’ is available on streaming platforms.


Aerosmith – Rocks
I was raised on Aerosmith by influence from both of my parents – with my dad introducing me to them, and my mum being cool with playing them in the car constantly. This album for me didn’t come into play until a few years of mindlessly noodling on guitar in my bedroom. I had no groundwork or specific sound to aim towards until I heard this album. Joe Perry, backed by the tightness and energy from the rest of the band, lit up my world in terms of how fucking great a guitar can sound. This is one of the first few albums I fell in love with. Thanks to Perry’s ballsy riffs and the pure sonic smack in the face that Aerosmith are, I discovered a solid direction for learning blues & rock, and developed my own playing from there.


The Who – Quadrophenia – I remember first watching the film and being so obsessed with the way the music was combined with natural sounds and how it just fit together so perfectly. The guitar lines and vocal hooks are just second to none and every song on the record is a massive hit. 


The Smiths – The Smiths – My cousin introduced me to The Smiths when I was a teenager and straight away I was amazed by the contrast of jangly, melodic guitars and moody, sinister vocals. Hooked straight away.

Tears for Fears – Songs from the Big Chair – unreal album, full of absolute bangers. My old man used to play this in the car on repeat. The intro to the song ‘Head Over Heels’ made me fall in love with the album. 


Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare – I love this album mostly due to the drumming. It blew me away how each song had a unique beat and feel. This house is a circus is my favourite track because of how energetic it is. 

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