5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (25/01/21)

We’re back with your essential listening for this week and we’ve got some absolute bangers. So listen up, share them with your friends, add them to your playlist an if you’ve got something you thin we need to hear please send it over.

Hello Cosmos release their much hyped debut album Jan 29th

Cliché Cult – Someone Like You

Yorkshire indie rock band Cliché Cult just released a huge, melodic anthem that draws from 80’s post-punk and 00’s indie. ‘Someone Like You’ features the biggest chorus of the year so far, melodic bass riffs and shimmering guitar tones. The kinda song I can’t wait to hear live, at the end of the night with someone on my shoulders when we clamber back into venues.

Hello Cosmos – Renegade Love

Ahead of their much hyped debut album, Manchester based collective ‘Hello Cosmos’ release one more single, a big wave of noise inspired by the way modern technology and social media now grips ours lives. ‘Renegade Love’ boasts aggressive vocals and intricate layers of noise that build and build over a pulsating beat while it feels as if chaos runs free around everything but the bubble that this song holds you down in. To celebrate its release on 29th January, Hello Cosmos will be launching the album via Tim’s Twitter Listening Party @ 7pm that day.

Sandi Glowe – Corner of Heaven

Sandi Glowe releases a new EP this week and on it the stunning single, ‘Corner of Heaven’. The Manchester based, singer song writer plays with tempo and timbre on a track which possesses a great free flowing energy. There’s nothing common place about Sandi’s sound, it’s playful and heavily emotional at the same time. Her beautifully produced EP is out on Jan 27th.

NRVS – See Yer Hate To Be Yer

A glorious splash of Neo-punk from London based duo NVRS. Fast paced poetry spiting over guitar riffs and synth hooks while a pounding drum beat all but forces your feet to move. It’s punk music wrapped up with a big pop bow.

Jessica Luise – Nice Try

‘Nice Try’ is an indie-pop masterclass from North-West singer-song-writer Jessica Luise. Her gorgeous vocals flow over her guitar, while we’re treated to hypnotic riffs and the juxtaposition of all the warmth this track brings but an under current of melancholic vibes. Frankly it’s a banger perfect for any post brake up playlist, or any playlist at that.

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