Cliché Cult – Someone Like You

Leeds indie rock new comers Cliché Cult drop their stunning second single ‘Someone Like You’, an anthemic, post punk inspired track with lifting but melancholic tones. Solidly earning their place on our ones to watch list.

Shoplifters ‘Ones To Watch ’21’ Stars Cliché Cult

We fell in love with their debut single ‘Common Ground‘ and their gritty, post-punk tones incorporated into indie rock tracks. The newly formed Leeds band now come hit back even harder with their stunningly anthemic second single ‘Someone Like You’, with thudding drums and chiming guitars that mirror tones of Post-Punk icons like ‘The Jesus & Marry Chain‘ and ‘Echo & the Bunny Men‘,

A controlled yet melodic bass line is joined by beat perfect drums before the ringing guitars chime out beneath singer Jimmy Sweeney’s droning but pitch perfect vocals. Cliché Cult are masters of melody, everything in their songs is uniformed but all allowed to do its own thing, rather than follow the guitar the bass wanders into ear catching hooks, the vocal line is it’s own, and yet everything comes together perfectly. ‘Someone Like You’ playfully builds, it layers melody and bring everything up to a euphoric tone by the end, I can’t wait to see it live as the big closer at the end of an encore. An instant indie-rock anthem.

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