Last year was undeniably one of the craziest jam packed years on record, and a hard one for our industry. We missed putting on gigs, having a beer while hearing our new favorite band for the first time and meeting all the amazing people in music we usually get to make friends with at venues. But one think that blew us away was the creativity of artists old and new, this year we discovered so many amazing new artists that have taken the this period to work on new music and exciting sounds. This year is make or break for for music in the U.K. live sector, we have faith we’ll be in our favorite venues again soon hopefully seeing some of these artists. This is the list of artists we’re the most excited for in 2021, they blew us away last year and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table over the next 12 months.


Hull post punk outfit Lumer dropped four tracks in 2020 and have their debut EP ready to drop this month. Their own brand of gloom punk incorporates a unique energy and poetry that has gained them applause from the likes of DIY, CLASH, and Best Fit to name a few. Their much anticipated EP ‘Disappearing Act’ is released January 29th, surely the starting gun of a killer year for Lumer.

Cliche Cult

Formed in the throws of lockdown 1.0, these Yorkshire indie rockers incorporate post punk tones with fun pop vibes. Their debut single Common Ground got rave reviews and their latest track ‘Someone Like You’ is an euphoric indie anthem. Cliché Cult have had no problem finding their sound, despisite fusing genre and shadowing many influences their direction, so far, is clear, as they produce indie rock bangers full of personality like a gritty, northern Vaccines,


Beautiful dream pop noise scapes with delicate vocal melodies produced entirely with in her bedroom, Seagoth is 19 year old Georgia Ochoa. With two releases in 2020 her sound sways between Snail Mails dulcet lofi indie and The XX’s melancholy-pop.


Show-gaze with an infusion of Brit-Pop, Galway four piece Newdad produce dreamy, 90’s inspired guitar pop with silky vocals and soothing melody that still induce all the necessary melancholy required. Pensive guitars that ooze cool I want them to sound track the coming of age drama I‘ve been writing in my head since I was 12.

All Night Dining

Manchester four piece All Night Dining gave me one of my favourite tracks of last year, ‘There Must’ve Been a Reason’ showcases this bands clean cut indie sound. They carry elements of Brit-rock staples like ‘Catfish’ and ‘Arctic’s’ but there’s unique sparkle in everything they do.

Pizza Crunch

This Glasgow alt-rock band blast out energetic punk-pop tracks that fuse quippy lyrics with fun melody. Pizza Crunch draw clear influence from 80’s post-punk and 00’s indie that might have finally given us Scotland’s answer to The Stroke.

For You The Moon

Leeds pop-rock band ‘For You The Moon’ released their first single via slam dunk records last year. Lost Without It’ is a taste of this bands synth guitar-pop sound that’s romantic feel shadows the 1975 with a dash of emo.


They’ve been described as Rotterdam’s answer to The Velvet Underground, big shoes that they’re already growing into with their spoken word verses and playful guitar licks. 2020 saw the release of their second album and we welcome them to The Castle in July (tickets here).

Stay Lunar

Bristol dream-pop outfit Stay Lunar produce heavenly indie inspired synth pop tracks. Listening to them is like floating on a cloud of slick, cool indie pop while all your cares float away. Look out for them on tour in 2021.

Plastic Glass

Their high energy style of indie rock is built on ear catching melody and big riffs, which is why they’ve already been hyped by Tom Robinson and Clint Boon just to name a few. The north east band are ready to be a powerhouse in a new wave of British indie rock.

Baby Queen

Sugar pop with notes of grunge, South Africa’s Baby Queen is fresh of the back of her debut EP in November. Hey Synth-Pop guitar bops are jam packed with big melody and her catalogue already reads ear worm after ear worm.

Model Family

Formerly ‘The Schoals‘, Scottish prog-punks Model Family boast dreamy vocals and complex layers of melody with post-emo undertones. Last year they released their emotionally and musically genius ‘Joan of Arc Part 2’ and there’s more to come this year.

Loose Articles

Angsty, Manc punk rock with thumping bass lines, big guitar and thrashing drums. Loose Article are right in the heart of a new, powerful generation of politically charged indie/punk bands, there are parallels with the likes of bikini kill and Dream Wife but there is a clear identity with this band, bold and ready to take anyone on.

Beige Banquet

So far just one track from the London artist, with more one the way and his chaotic, self produced ‘Wired/Weird’ was a revelation. Parquet Courts/Boy Azooga vibes with roots loosely set in British 80’s rock. Bedroom produced weird, outsider art-punk for the masses.

The Lazy Eyes

Aussie four piece with hazy, psych rock beach vibes and dreamy hooks. The Lazy Eyes sound like the ultimate beach day, their dreamy guitars and free flowing rhythms wash over like a refreshing wave of garage rock.


Scouse guitar pop with range, Courting bring slick riffs and witty lyrics engulfed in noise. Their genre spanning style sets them a step ahead, with lines that scream about pop culture an inch away from your face and simple but effective hooks. There’s elements of Talking Heads and Television but it’s quintessentially British indie rock.

The K’s

The worst kept secret in the U.K. indie seen, 2021 will see The K’s tour the country with their energetic, upbeat guitar anthems. They’re known for huge choruses and addictive riffs that’ll take over your brain until your next listen. They draw huge crowds where ever they go, selling out Manchesters Ritz, it’s bizarre they’re not all over the radio all the time, there’s no doubt they’ll just keep getting bigger in 2021.

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