Liverpool-based Disobedient Records have announce the release of their second compilation album, “Everything I Never Told You” – featuring acts such as Boyish, Public Body, Kimbo Nice, and A Festival, A Parade.

I miss the days of compilation records, saving all my pocket money and buying a snide copy of ‘That’s What I Call Music’ from the guy at the market or spending it on a magazine just to get the free CD, it was always the best way to find the best soundtrack to lazy days and road trips. We’re even more often than ever overwhelmed with new music everywhere, and it’s great to get it hand picked and tied up in a little bow by someone you trust. Disobedient Records are one of the most exciting labels we’ve come across this year and their latest compilation is packed with bangers from Disobedient own artists like Pizza Crunch and Model Family along with the likes of Boyish, Public Body and Kimbo Nice. The whole thing is 25 tracks and available on Bandcamp from as little as £5, with all profits going to a great cause, Reece’s Line; a charity set up in aid of Reece Spark who heartbreakingly took his own life this year. The foundation was created to support those who suffer from mental health issues.

Commenting on the album, Disobedient Records co-founder, Mia Cabrelli, says: “Reece’s Line is a charity that sits very close to my heart. Words can’t describe the pain we all felt when Reece took his own life. In such a tragedy, it was really heartwarming to see everyone come together and support each other during this difficult time. We can’t change the past, but we can come together and help change the future. From struggling with mental health issues of my own, it’s comforting knowing there’s a community there to support you, even if you’re not ready to talk.” Here at Shoplifters Union we understand the importance of mental health and support the message and sentiment of Disobedient Records and Reece’s Line, our emails are always open if you need advice or a chat.

Check out the full album below:

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