LUMER – The Sheets

Hull band LUMER released new single ‘The Sheets’ ahead of their much anticipated EP ‘Disappearing Act’ due out January 29th next year. The Sheets finds a pivot between old school indie and modern punk resulting in one of the most exciting tracks of a bizarre year.

It’s rare that a band embody their surroundings so well, The Stone Roses were Manchester in the 90’s, every notes of The Strokes debut, ‘Is This It?’, screamed New York City in 2001. When LUMER release music is seems to radiate a certain bleakness that engulfs the 2017 city of culture but also glimmers with the undeniable grit and creativity that Hull is undoubtably has. The Sheets is a melodic, if not eerie, stew of influence that takes its moments to explode into chaos . Though LUMER are undeniable influence by post-punk icons such as The Fall and The Cure there’s elements of indie pop with in this track. The Sheets, at it’s core, is an instant post-punk anthem for a new age and beneath it’s dark gritty exterior it gifts listeners a beautifully composed melodic chorus, heavenly guitars and a symbiotic rhythm section that breaths as if one whilst working their own way. LUMER drop their EP, “Disappearing act” Jan 29th which is sure to be packed with the razor sharp lyrics and dark industrial noise-scapes this band are known for, in the mean time check out the video for The Sheets below:

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