China Moon- Forget

Manchester indie-rock trio China Moon release their latest single ‘Forget‘ with dark new video.

Chine Moon’s new single Forget is out now.

China Moon’s indie rock vibe has been in all our playlists since we booked them for the first time a couple years back and their latest release ‘Forget’ is certain to make the cut. Crammed with post-punk noise, gothic vibes and a big hook, this encapsulating track grabs ahold and take you on the ride of your life.

As the opening riff creates the illusion of a slow moving spiral of fear and anxiety encasing your body the thudding drums hit your gut, if your looking for a track that makes you feel something, ‘Forget’ has every level covered. A complex and well written track that layers guitar riffs beneath an angsty vocal howl of ‘I don’t want to forget’. But above all ‘Forget’ really is a slick track with an almost Bond theme style tension to it, whilst still retaining its somber, cool vibe. The track really displays the depth and creativity of song writing we know this band has and is a dark vision executed cooly as ever. Check out the video for forget below:

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