Sioux – Poppy Seeds

The third single from Manchester Psych band Sioux is a sixties inspired trip down a stream of dreamy melodies and good vibes.

On their latest release Manchester neo-psych band Sioux tested out their versatility in a step away from their Tame Impala style indie rock we heard on last single ‘Fickle‘, the Manc quartet front a more Kinks inspired sound. But ‘Poppy Seeds’ has a dream quality too, every note sounds light and airy but still filled with purpose, tenderly picked guitar stings over a driven bass-line, a vocal melody floating over ticking drum rattles, all whilst still carrying that Mancunian style somewhere inside it all. Sioux’s ability to create this style music in such a modern way is a dream come true, taking the the elements of psych and blues and dressing it up in brand new indie rock clothing. It’s something artists have been doing for years but rarely so gracefully and with such ease.

‘Poppy Seeds’ is out now on Spotify courtesy of Sour Grapes along with a live version of the bands track ‘Happy Daze’ on their Facebook page and we can expect more live music from Sioux in the new year, in the meantime check out Poppy Seeds below:

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