5 Albums That Shaped Me – Stay Lunar

Bristols ‘Stay Lunar’ talk us through their ‘5 Albums That Shaped Me’ off the back of their latest dreamy single ‘Not Your Fight’.

Hailing from Bristol Stay Lunars trademark indie-dream-pop sound has earned them fans all over the world and their latest track ‘Not Your Fight’ is a perfect example of why fans keep falling in love with this band. Here’s just 5 of the albums that helped Stay Lunar developed their sound as they talk us through some of the sounds that shaped them.

Tokyo Police Club – Champ

Harry: “This was a really tough choice, anyone who knows me would bet their house on me choosing Little Comets, as they’re my musical heroes.. But something about Champ as one body of work and the memories attached to it just meant that I couldn’t not choose it. The opening track ‘Favourite Food’ is a ‘go-to’ track when I’m feeling low, and the general energy of the rest of the album, including some mesmerising guitar riffs just makes it one of my favourite albums of all time and one that heavily influenced my taste in music and my want to create it myself.”

The Strokes – Is This It

James: “This was one of the first albums I connected to, and the first I could listen all the way through without skipping a song. When learning bass, it was my go to album to play along to and it brings back a lot of fond memories.”
  Tom: “This was the first album that came to mind for me, but thanks for stealing mine James..” –

Harry: “Someday used to be my go-to song when I was feeling anxious, love this album”

The Smiths – The Smiths

Charlie: “This is my favourite album. It was the first album I ever listened to the whole way through and what inspired me to create music. I really love the idea of having a song with such deep meaning being put into upbeat music, which definitely translates across to our stuff. The Smiths made me want to make music and pursue a career in it”

 Harry: “Fun fact, when first starting out, people used to shout “MORRISSEY” at me during shows, not because of my questionable views, but because my voice apparently sounded similar haha”

Alex G – Trick

Tom: “I really love how authentic this album feels, it has so many bangers that have shaped my perspective on music. Despite being a keys player, this album influenced me to buy a guitar to learn some of his songs and begin to work on my own stuff.
 Harry: “I absolutely love this album, Tom nagged me for years to listen to Alex G, and I liked a few songs, but this album made me fall in love with his music. I know George is now a huge fan too. Definitely a band-favourite. We recently hung out as a three and just played a bunch of his tunes on guitar together for hours”

DIIV – Is The Is Are

George: “The interwoven guitar lines on this album work really well together and influenced me the most out of anything else, the lyrics are really intelligent too and whilst they might not influence us they are still worth mentioning. The production is really well done and the guitar tones/drum sounds blend well in particular.”
 Harry: “This was one of the first shoegazey/dreampop albums I got into, some absolutely incredible guitar parts in this album, and one of the reasons I love George’s guitar playing in our music is that it reminds me a lot of DIIV”

Stay Lunars latest single ‘Not Your Fight’ is out now, check it out bellow:

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