5 Tracks you need to hear this weeks (09/11/20)

Welcome to lockdown 2.0, just another hurdle before we can finally get back to seeing our favourite bands live and putting on great shows again. In the meantime, we collected our favourite tracks this week to get you through – and remember our emails are always open for new submissions, collaborations and just a chat if you need it.

Common Ground – Cliché Cult

It’s a jangly indie pop anthem from Leeds newest and brightest band. Birthed way back in the aftermath of the first lockdown and still missing live music, these four friends decided to get back to making music with the goal of playing live shows to packed crowds but with venues still closed, Cliché Cult decided to give us a taste of what they can do with their stunning debut single. ‘Common Ground’ weaves  summer vibes with hazy guitars and a subtle melancholy spiral just cutting through making it ideal for any autumn playlist.

Fibres – Holy Drone

Warrington Shoegaze group Holy Drone dropped their latest track, showing a softer side of themselves in their first release of the year. It’s pure poetry set just in front of wavy guitars and a hypnotic dream-pop ballad dripping with Slowdive influence. I can’t wait to hear one of my favourite live bands perform it in venues come the new year. Sorrow never sounded so heavenly.

Going Away – Plastic Glass

A huge ball of energy in one big injection of  indie rock, ‘Going Away’ is the latest single from Sunderland four piece Plastic Glass. Surging with electricity as the bass and guitar riff off each other, the vocals howl for a change of scenery as lyricist Dylan Abbot explains the track is “Inspired by leaving home to go to university”. A huge track from a soon to be huge band.

Deep.Sleep – You and I

When it comes to high powered indie-pop, it doesn’t get much better than this. Deep.Sleep offer a taste of sunshine in all the bleakness with ‘You and I’, a riff heavy, energetic synth pop track juxtaposed by the lyrics centring around anxiety and a fear of loss. With echoes of 00’s Emo-Pop as well as The 1975, ‘You and I’ cuts through all the noise like an upbeat guiding light.

She’ll Play Heck – VALA

A sleek lo-fi outing from Shoplifters Union favourites VALA, ‘She’ll Play Heck’ has The Strokes finger prints all over it. A stripped back, cool and stylish bop that draws from a DIY feel but is as professional as ever. Quintessentially VALA but with a brand new pair of shoes.

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