Sioux – Fickle

Manchester psych-rockers Sioux drop their latest single ‘Fickle’, layered with greased up grooves and 60’s melody.

Manchester psychedelic maestro’s Sioux.

Sioux have been bringing their neo-psychedelic sound to venues around Manchester for over two years now and if you haven’t caught them live yet you probably will soon, their versatile sound that blends years of well crafted indie rock with the radical, tie-dyed sound of a sixties acid trip could fit them onto almost any bill in the city but always makes them stand out.

Latest single ‘Fickle’, releases on Sour Gapes Records, stays true to what this band have been doing so well for so long; slick riffs and good vibes it’s a track the oozes cool and a perfect addition to that summer playlist you’ve already started preparing. A combo of vintage production and dropped back vocals give this track a solid sense of style, a cool identity back up in no small part by the sleek guitars and aloof beats.

You can catch Sioux at Big Hands on March 27th, providing nothing changes. And check out Fickle here:

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