APRE – Live at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds 19/02/10

APRE are arguably one of the most exciting bands that are coming through at the moment and on a cold, wet Wednesday night in Leeds we went down to see them and they proved to us why.

First of all, it’s always refreshing when going to a show and being blown away by every single artist. APRE were supported by local band Porij and touring support Mealtime, who both performed unbelievable sets, showing talent, innovativeness and originality, which are all pretty hard to come by these days.

Although this was APRE’s first ever headline tour, which is surprising to hear anyway considering how professional and polished they sounded, they seemed to have a real loyal following, packing out the basement of Hyde Book Club with a real diverse crowd who all loved their music.

They kicked off the set with their new single “Heart like a Jungle”, which is personally one of my favourites, and it seemed like it was everyone else’s as well. From being stood still to dancing and jumping around, as soon as APRE came on stage they had the crowd’s undivided attention. For a fairly new venue, APRE seemingly took full advantage of their soundcheck as I couldn’t pick out a single thing wrong with the overall mix, every inch of their music was crystal clear and sounding great.

I was surprised by the energy that the band have, although a lot of their tunes are upbeat I was not expecting them to be so energetic, their lead singer connecting with crowd as much as possible, which really is what a young band should be doing, I could really see the band’s personally come through.

They played a set packed with all of their big tunes, because for a relatively small band they have a big repertoire. “All Yours” seemed to go down really well, the staccato guitar riff really got into my head and furthermore my feet moving.

APRE’s set was really flowed really well, it seemed to have a perfect balance, and showed real professionalism. Although this has been their first headline tour you can tell that these boys have been doing this a long time, and personally I can not wait to see what they do next.

By Jimmy Ingham

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