Cottons – Bitter

Now, we’re huge fans of this Manchester band here at Shoplifter’s Union, and this release is a long time coming to say the least..

Although most musicians, promoters and music lovers would say that there are too many small indie bands out there, they’d probably be right. But I hope most people would agree when say that there aren’t a huge amount of bands producing great music in our local areas, and Cottons are definitely one of those bands.

Charles Scotton’s silky smooth vocals are literally made to be recorded, they slide over the staccato guitar lines at the start of the verses perfectly, and the vocals breathe new meaning every time you listen. When you are indulging in his tone, the guitar lines are the definition of simple yet effective, the main guitar hook lies within the verse, differing slightly between sections, giving the song a good backbone for when the lead lines kick in.

Most young bands get excited in the studio, adding so much production to a song that the whole piece of music loses it’s whole identity and meaning, but Cottons have created the perfect ear worm, giving us a great tune which just leaves us wanting to hear more from this great band.

‘Bitter’ is released on 14th February, stick it on, and stick it on loud!

by Jimmy Ingham

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