Interview: Paris Youth Foundation

We caught up with Kevin from upcoming indie band ‘Paris Youth Foundation’ from Liverpool. They had great 2019 and they really seem like they’re coming into their own, read below to see what he had to say on their current rise!

2019 seemed like it was a big year for you with the release of your EP, what would you say were your highlights?

K: 2019 was amazing. Releasing our debut ep was a big deal for us. We supported some of our favourite bands in Xcerts and Vistas and played some amazing festivals. We signed our first record deal and spent the second half of it writing our debut album which will be out this year. 

You guys have been around for a few years now, are there any moments that stick out as turning points?

K: I think our most important memory was our first show. We had one song and uploaded it to BBC Introducing, the next week we were Radio 1’s Introducing song of the week and had been asked to play Reading festival. Our first show was at one of the biggest festivals in the world. Since then we’ve been back and played it a second time. We’ve received amazing support from radio 1 and last year we signed our record deal. These are all the things you dream of when you’re playing guitar in your bedroom so no matter what happens these will always be special memories. 

I’ve always felt like there was a certain togetherness in the tunes that you release, is your songwriting process collective or more of a solo project?

K: I would say I write the songs on my own. I Usually just lock myself away and don’t come back out until I’m happy I have something. This will be the chord progressions, the melody and the lyrics. When I’m happy I will play it to the boys at rehearsal. But at this point there is a huge sense of togetherness and it’s not about any individual. It’s about the song and getting the absolute best out of it. Which the boys are amazing at doing.

Where did your name come from? It’s pretty unique.

K: When i was young i seen it graffiti-ed at a Paris metro station. It was in French and I put it in my phone because I thought it sounded really cool. A few years later we were looking for a band name and there it was so i thought it was a sign. To this day I have no idea what it means.

If you had to describe your music to someone that has never heard of you guys before, what would you say?

K: I would say were a indie band at heart. But I hope were a indie band with some substance. I always say we write sad songs you can dance to. On the surface I hope there catchy, melodic in your face indie tunes but below the surface there’s a really heartbreaking story. 

What is your favorite part about touring? And are there any shows/cities that you always look forward to playing?

K: Touring is amazing, I think you just have to keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to be playing music with your best friends in a new city every day. As far as cities go it’s a tough one because we’ve had great experiences in lots of different places. If one person comes to a show that comes to tell you they love your band  that city was worth visiting and nothing else really matters. 

Festival season is fast approaching, which festival has been your favorite so far in your career? And have you been announced for any 2020 festivals?

K: The first time we ever played Reading festival was probably something I’ll always remember. You don’t think you’ll ever get to live your dream. And that felt pretty close. We’ve played huge stages at Y not festival, Tramlines and our hometown’s Sound city festival which will always stay with us. As far as festivals this year goes we have just announced 110 Above festival. The Amazons and Sundara Karma are headlining so that’s something were really looking forward to this summer. 

Who are your main collective influences as a band?

K: They would all be very different which I guess is a good thing as were not all trying to just recreate one band or one sound. My favorite band is The National, I know Jamie loves The Japanese House, Paul loves Foals and Nath loves heavier stuff, but then I know Tom doesn’t really listen to bands as he loves dance music so it’s this kinda variety that really helps when you’re making music In a group. 

If you could choose any legendary line up to be on the bill for in the past, what would it be?

K: This is so hard. Anything at Glastonbury just to say we’ve played there. 

Finally, your first tour of 2020 is coming up, what can people expect at your shows?

K: I hope people will be able to see how much goes into our songs both physically and emotionally. We don’t just want you to come and listen to some tunes for 40 mins and nod your head, we want you to feel every word and be apart of our band for the night. 

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