October Drift – Forever Whatever

October Drift are one of those bands that just love to release banger after banger after banger, and to say that their debut album has been hotly anticipated for a few years is an understatement. A new year means new music, and I couldn’t think of a better album to kick off the year in style.

Opening the record with their lead single ‘Losing my touch’, it kicks off the album perfectly, fuelling the excitement for the next tune. The album actually features a few singles that have been released prior, but they have been re-recorded and are sounding bigger than ever.

Although the production on this record is very polished, the feeling of rawness throughout the whole record is very present, which is really refreshing to hear in this day and age. Saying that, October Drift have never really been a band that need to add all of the bells and whistles to create a good tune!

Throughout the album, Kiran Roy’s vocals are something to behold, the way he can control his voice and really push a melody over the huge rhythm section is very impressive, and sounds great. That said, I feel like this album is something that all rock musicians need to hear, as the musicianship that these guys show on the LP is incredible, you can tell that they know their way around a pedalboard.

If you’ve never heard of October Drift before, then I beg you, please go out and buy this record. If you are one for music that you can tell that the artists have pouring their heart and soul into, then ‘Forever Whatever’ is going to be perfect for you.

You can catch the lads around the UK this February, head over to their social media and grab yourself a ticket!

Written by Jimmy Ingham

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