Georgia Maq – Pleaser

Camp Cope front person Georgia McDonald ditches DIY for pop bangers on her debut solo album, the results are similar in DNA but more like a second cousin than a twin.

Georgie McDonald of Camp Cope (Brittany Sowacke for Noisey)

From one of the most culturally important Australian bands of the past few years to going it on her own, Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq shows us a different side to her with her solo album ‘Pleaser’. As a huge fan of Camp Cope it was a strange transition at first, the opener (pun intended) ‘Away From Love’ isn’t a huge departure, Georgia’s vocals are so unmistakeable that it all still feels familiar, but moving into ‘Driving Blind’ you get a sense of where this album is really going, taking electronic pop melody and hooking just the right amount of darkness into it’s veins. 

Title track ‘Pleaser’  starts to show a different side of Georgia’s voice, taking vocal lessons before recording the album and stepping back from shouting, ‘Like a Shadow’ takes a more blissful approach and reaches surprising ranges while ‘Easy to Love’ is a personal highlight on this record, pure pop. 

The eight-track album closes with ‘You’ll Be Singing My Name’ a Florence Welch style feeling good anthem and  ‘Big Embarrassing Heart’ an emotional, heart wide open show of vulnerability.

Listen I don’t want to keep making comparisons to Camp Cope here but it’s heard not to, there are inevitably similarities but also difference which set it apart, ‘Pleasers’ subject matter see’s a step away from politics into a reflection of personal feeling and self development but also the same stream of strong songwriting and passion we’ve seen before. The loss of guitar and live drums really aren’t missed when combated with powerful and well written pop songs.

Author: Jake McGloin

Listen to ‘Pleaser’ Here:

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