VALA – Summer Air

Manchester based indie-pop band VALA drop their new track ‘Summer Air’,  a breezy, heartfelt shot of pop from a band breathing fresh air into Manchester’s ever changing indie scene.



Author: Jake McGloin

It’s going on a year now since I first found out who VALA were;  a Manchester based guitar band who refreshingly don’t shy away from their pop side, but instead embrace it with open arms allowing them to shine in a scene where artists are more concerned about looking like Liam Gallagher than writing great tracks.


Summer Air chimes in like a campfire song, but instead of saying ‘Anyway here’s Wonderwall’ it slide-guitars into a beautifully melodic indie pop ballad with an infectious hook. It’s a bit of a departure from VALA’s previous high energy indie releases but theres still a familiarity there whether it’s the high treble, chorus guitars, lead singer Joe’s distinctive vocals or that there’s something just inherently VALA about this track I’m unsure, but it proves that these lads are as consistently good as anyone else out there right now. It’s really a beautiful track that builds through layers of of melody and uses it’s troughs just as well as it’s peaks. Summer Air is here just in time to get you through your summer break ups, as you stare through a dusty window dreaming of what might of been I highly recommend playing this honest, emotional and frankly beautiful track in the background.

If they’re playing at their acoustic sessions at Stage & Radio or the dimly lit basement of Jimmy’s NQ, VALA are one of the tightest live bands on the circuit and definitely not worth missing, despite the fact they manage to transfer their energy and emotion on this recording their live set is a must see. Bravo VALA!

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