Loose Tooth – Keep Up

Melbourne three-piece Loose Tooth dropped their album ‘Keep Up’ a couple months back, a bridge between punk and surf littered with pop riffs and addictive melody.




The first full length record from Aussie band Loose Tooth comes to us courtesy of Courtney Barnet ran label Milk! Records, not a bad endorsement to have on your first outing, but there’s not doubt that it’s fully deserved, ‘Keep Up’ is packed with dreamy anthems rooted in post punk vibes through out with their jangly guitars and melody acting as an anchor.




Opening track ‘Keep On’ epitomises all that’s good on this record, driving bass, power steady drums with vocal melodies riffing with guitars to create killer tracks. The feeling stays the same on ‘You Say’ and, single, ‘All the Colours Gone’, these tracks are simple but effective in the sense that they seem so naturally written but still give a big pop energy with punk at the heart of it. The likes of ‘Butter Knife’ and ‘You Want It’ slow things down a little whilst still keeping this garage rock vibe that ties all the different sounds on this record together.  ‘Miss You’ show a completely different side to the album that bleeds a little deeper but a personal highlight for me is ‘Asteroid’ where the record really seems to find its feet and encompasses everything around it. And that’s the beautiful thing about ‘Keep Up’, it’s easy to call it a garage rock or indie album but there’s so many more influences in there that give it a rich sound but it has a constant direction all the way through. Listen to ‘Keep Up’ bellow: