Afternoon – Mourning

Bristol based duo ‘Afternoon’ formed from the ashes of Manchester based ‘CAESAR’, their debut EP comes in the form of ‘Mourning’, an atmospheric, lo-fi taste of whats to come for the band.



After the break up of their band ‘CAESAR’ Will Carkeet and Sean Toohey relocated to Bristol they birthed ‘Afternoon’ a collection of visual and audio ideas, using photography, illustration and prose to accompany their sound. Citing the likes of Radiohead, Ulrika Spacek, Mothers and Johnny Llyod amongst their influences, ‘Afternoon’ scrapped modern tech and headed back to analogue aiming for a more rugged sound.


The project it’s self is a collection of both musical and visual, that didn’t quite see fruition in its previous incarnation and from that we receive the debut EP, Mourning, a four track staring with ‘ilk’ an opening that’s sleek guitar and lo-fi vocal are easy access point for any listener, chilled vibes and an intense undercurrent lead into track two ‘you see, i have smallish nipples’ taking a more sombre route. ‘George’ is my favourite track, an upbeat lo-fi pop power house with a big hook crammed into 01:34 minuets, the EP closes on ‘Blue Tulip Rose’ as tripped back and encapsulating end. Afternoon have made great roads with this first taste of music from them which should be seen as a sample book of a larger work in progress, no live dates planned yet but hopefully at some point in the near future we can get the entire ‘Afternoon’ experience. Check out ‘Mourning’ below: