Ed The Dog – Shame

Former Fish Tank front man Ed Wetenhall, now Ed the Dog,  has been earning some pretty high praise lately for his debut solo outing ‘Shame’, it’s big guitar riffs and indie pop vibes make it the perfect summer album.


ed the dog press


There’s some chances in life you have to take, sometimes they might seem a little to risky but if you know you can do it, you do it. For Ed that might have been the case when quitting his job and tucking him self away in his attic to write an album of guitar heavy, rifftastic tunes for his debut solo album, but it’s certainly a chance that payed off. Taking inspiration from the late 00’s indie pop movement but still slotting perfectly into the current alt rock revival, Shame is packed with big guitars that don’t over power the vocal hooks that make these songs so enjoyable.


Tacks like ‘Yes Men’ and title track ‘Shame’ are perfects examples of why this album is so much fun while the likes of ‘Weirdo Years’ and ‘Little Brother’ add a new layer and a different angle that still drives the whole thing forward. Littered through out with annoyingly catchy hooks, Shame is pure enjoyment and such a fun album that makes for perfect summer listening even whilst the suns disappeared.



Check it out here:



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