False Advertising – You Said

Manchester grunge icons False Advertising keep up the great work with their new track ‘You Said’. Catch them at UPGEFUKT FEST 2018, but in the mean time check out their mega new single. 



False Advertising have come along way since the first time we got behind them for ‘Wasted Away’, over two years ago now, bigger shows, bigger fan base and arguable an even bigger sound, but there’s consistency in the quality of the riff heavy, powered out music they produce. ‘You Said’, is just one in a line of massive rock singles and EP’s they’ve brought out since their debut album, and despite the recurring big guitar sounds and pounding drums False Advertising do what a lot of other bands their size, who release as often, fail to, keep it interesting. At it’s core ‘You Said’ is an absolutely belting pop track quilted in layers of hooks and melody, guitar tricks and ‘Hole’ vibes, Jen’s vocal delivers the finishing blow with power and precision. Magnificently production and stuck right in my head ‘You Said’ is available for stream and download now.