The Shimmer Band – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

Bristol based ‘The Shimmer Band’ talk us through five albums that shaped their soon. Check out their psychedelic new track ‘Shoot Me (Baby)’ that blends garage guitars and post punk vibes equating in big noise.



Let’s start with undeniably one the greatest achievements in pop history: ‘Pet Sounds’. This album means so much to me on a multitude of musical, cultural and emotional levels. The tracks are so incredibly and beautifully layered with a joyous cacophony of instruments and sounds that are still wonderfully vibrant and awe-inspiring to me to this day. Even the more basic songs on the album such as ‘Sloop John B’ have such intricate arrangements, which always reminds me to never let even the smallest details slip. With such deep emotional depth of melancholy and longing in the songs, this record makes me wanna break my own heart just so I can appreciate it even more…




There’s nothing I love more than wonky pop, and there’s no better place to look for it than on the SFA debut album ‘Fuzzy Logic’. The band show no fear in chopping and changing styles as they please, an attribute I strive for and admire. They blend psychedelia with pop, glam and punk, to create an album that’s animated, eclectic and, most importantly to me…fun! This album is what music should be all about, intoxicating energy filled entertainment that takes you away from reality. All hail SFA!




2001- DR DRE
I can’t think of a better album more appropriate for the midnight hour than Dr Dre’s ‘2001’. Many a night spent going up in smoke with this as the soundtrack to the moonlight. The beats are as fat as a house and the tracks groove along without a care for the outside world. The opening track ‘The Watcher’ is a smokey sure-fire gangsta juggernaught, where we move at Dre’s time and by his watch. There’s an assured majesty and class to this record, one that fills me with confidence and power. I’ve been listening to this album since the day it came out and I still think it’s a beast!




A good friend of mine got me into this album not long after it came out, and at the time I’d never really heard anything else like it. ‘Rounds’ manages to be relaxing and hectic both at the same time, and I’ve always loved it for that reason. Four Tet shows us that any sound or noise can be used in the construction of music, and smashes the box wide open. The track ‘She Moves She’ has minimal beats with ambient acoustic guitars which is all completely contradicted by the rhythmic noise of what sounds like an old malfunctioning computer printer…brilliant! It’s digital and organic, it’s mellow yet jarring, give me the box I wanna smash it too!



Rock n roll should be dangerous, and it doesn’t get more dangerous than this… I first listened to this LP when I was 15, and I haven’t looked back since. Hearing this album for the first time is like having a tooth extracted with no anaesthetic The songs are violent and harsh and have been mixed at an ear-splitting overdriven volume that pre dates the punk rock explosion by 4 or 5 years! It feels like the band are about to implode, I can feel the adrenaline and fire dripping from the tracks. If I can inherit 10% of Iggy’s energy I’ll be happy. “I’m street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm” is the opening line on the album, and what a line it is! Its one of my favourite lyrics of all time! Nothing makes me wanna rip the street-lights out of the ground like Iggy & The Stooges!


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