5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (17/01/16)

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and we’re excited. We’ve got so much going on this year, starting with our first birthday party on the 29th of January at Fallow Cafe Manchester with the awesome Gorgeous Bully and CAESAR with a DJ set from the brilliant Horsebeach, grab the last few tickets here. But in the mean time here are five awesome tracks that you need to listen to this week and as always you can send your tracks to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com or get in touch on the Facebook and Twitter.

Medics – Atrophy

Manchester noise-rockers Medics dropped ‘Atrophy’, foalty but driven guitars and thrashed out beats ride out a dynamic that weaves in this poptastic glimpse of Medics. An incredibly promising track from a band with a massive year ahead of them.




Tall Poppies – Cat Got Your Tongue?

it can’t be easy working with your sibling but twin fronted band Tall Poppies make it look seamless and sound good in the process. Perfect female harmony wrapping itself around smooth strings and an indie pop beat, ‘Cat Got Your Tongue?’ feels like a melting pot of style and substance.



Indigo Quest – White Flag

Italian songwriter Denis Rossi is the mastermind behind ‘Indigo Quest’, it’s a home recorded project all put together by Denis himself equating in magical Indie Psyc-rock. Latest single, ‘White Flag’ is a chilled indie banger with hints of late Oasis.

Richard Lomax – I Cycle 

Inspired by suffragette Edith Rigby, the first lady to ride a bicycle in the English city of Preston, Richard Lomax’s latest single (due February 19th) is a beautifully inspiring folk pop tune layered over the clicking of a bicycle wheel. Catch Richard in a city near you this February:

( Sat 6th Feb – Nambucca, LONDON. Sat 8th Feb – Liverpool Acoustic, LIVERPOOL. Fri 12th Feb – Hyde Park Book Club, LEEDS. Thur 18th Feb – The Castle MANCHESTER. Tue 23rd Feb – The Fox, SHIPLEY. Fri 26th Feb – The Washington, SHEFFIELD)



Yuck – Hearts in Motion

As Yuck get ready to release their third album we’re treated to a taste of ‘Stranger Things’ in, what can only be described as, a classically Yuck track. Somewhere in-between their self titled debut and 2013’s Glow & Behold, ‘Hearts in Motion’ takes slacked vocals and riffed up guitars and tare it up.