Xylaroo – Live Review

Xylaroo, Manchester Club Academy  – 02/12/2015


In the basement of Manchester Academy, the room is filled with people wearing t-shirts of a bearded man and quotes like ‘I Can Hear You Clem Fandango!’. Matt Berry and the Maypoles are soon to take the stage, but before they do it’s the turn of Xylaroo. The London based sisters Coco and Holly hit the stage looking somewhat shaky, and who can blame them they have to win over a room full of hardcore fans of one of Britain’s leading funny men.


Despite their nerves the vocals are pitch perfect, as the sisters take us through a set of intensely harmonic songs. Their second song is their lead track ‘Sunshine’, a perfect folk pop track that’s packed with good feels and sunny vibes that gets a great reception. They roll into a cover of ‘Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ that gets cheers from the very start. The crowd are in now, invested and the room gravitates around the stage as people move from the back and the bar to listen to the harmony and melody of these encapsulating vocals.






Wrapping things up with ‘Consume’ and  ‘On my way’ they meet a response from and audience they have well and truly bowled over with their impressive harmoney and beautiful vocals that hold up live. It’s a strong performance from the London sisters that goes from folky joy and dips into melancholy in parts. The future looks bright for Xylaroo.


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