Top 5 Albums of 2015

It’s always difficult for me to give my top albums of the year, but here it goes; I tried to be honest and give the albums I enjoyed the most. I couldn’t fit everything I wanted in so honorable mentions to Florance & The Machine, Courtney Barnett, Hop Along, TWIABP and yes I have to admit it, Justin Bieber. Look out for our top 50 songs of the year but in the mean time, here are the albums that I really took something from in 2015.

  1. Modern Baseball – The Perfect Cast EP

The Philadelphia Emo-Indie rockers mini album took the bands sound away from what we’re used to in parts but it worked so well. Tracks like The Thrash Particle take the band to a new level but there’s a different more focused feel through out, still lyrically intelligent while finding the perfect layers of noise all the way through.




  1. Horsebeach – II

Ryan Kennedy’s second outing was a more mature developed sound work with. It’s a gorgeous album that could go deeper in parts, but it’s full to the brim with great songs to while away hours dreaming.




  1. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly

When Kendrick dropped he was releasing this album back in February, it was already going to be a special album, but it was really going to live up to the hype. And it smashed it, between ‘King Kunta’ to ‘These Walls’ and ‘The Blacker The Berry’, there’s no weak moment on this album. Already one of the greatest Rap albums of all time? The best of 2015 at least.




  1. False Advertising – False Advertising

One of the most exciting things to come out of Manchester this year, False Advertising’s scuzzed up debut was jam packed with riffs, howls and mega beats. It was a master class in tearing up eardrums but coupled with elegant writing that’s carefully planned from open to close. They took a long time to perfect the sound and pulled it off to make one of the years finest albums.


  1. New Order – Music Complete

A triumphant return by Manchester Gods New Order, trumps anything they’ve done in years. It’s an album that all round really delivers, I feel like I should be giving this spot to a new comer but for me, Sumner and co really delivered a complete album that surprised me and many others.