5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (7/12/15)

Getting those winter blues? Here are  five tracks you need to hear this week to perk you up!



Weekender – Floaty Feeling, Blue

Philadelphia chill rockers Weekender have had a pretty sweet year, support for Future Islands and Peace, and now gaining complacence to the likes of The Stone Roses and War on Drugs, it’s pretty impressive. But it’s all very much deserved. As the name suggests the latest the titles track from their EP, released in January, is jam packed with floaty vibes and indie pop guitars John Squire him self would envy, with under tones of Ash it’s got a real Brit Pop feel dipped in a fuzzy haze of magic.



FEWS – The  Zoo

Curetnly working on their debut FEWS, made up of members form Sweden and the US, give us a snippet of what’s to come with the video for The Zoo. It’s a big post punk power track with a riff that stabs into your brain like something taken from ‘Unknown Pleasures’. Dripping with ambient vibes it’s an exciting taste of that’s to come as they work away on there debut album in South London.




DOLLS – Kid Kannibal

All girl, two piece grunge outfit called DOLLS, can it get much cooler? wait till you hear it. Taken from their double A side single which also features ‘Audrey’, Kid Kannibal is a full sounding, loud, rock banger. Beat heavy and packed to the rafters with noise, driven by a riff that’s as slick as it is fuzzy.


Gang – Animalia

Brighton band Gang show us the feral video for Animalia. The track it’s self is an incredible movement of dirty riffs and grunge beats held together by howling vocals. Think ‘Bleach’ and you’re getting the vibe. Expect filty riffs, hammered beats and penis. You have been warned.




The Crookes – The World Is Waiting

There’s a new ‘The Crookes’ album on the way and lucky for us we get teased with ‘The World is Waiting’, melody driven, hard hitting punk pop. It’s what you’d expect from a band turning out stellar tunes for the past few years, exactly what a single should be. An unstoppable pop masterclass from Sheffield’s finest.