5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (5/10/15)

Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? Get in touch at Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

Modern Baseball – The Thrash Particle

The post emo Philadelphia bands latest track takes a different approach to their last album ‘You’re Gonna Miss It All’. It’s a little more low-key to start with but just as witty as anything these guy have written before, lyrically and musically. Bursting into an explosion of noise like nothing else ‘The Thrash Particle’ is just a perfect taste of what to expect from the future of Modern Baseball.

Delta Palms – Do Ya, Don’t Ya

Manchester based multi-instrumentalist Delta Palms showcases his new track that’s laced in Rock & Roll from the tight beats to distorted vocals, it sounds loud and dripping with Miles Kane vibes. The one-man band manages an enormous Indie rock sound with west coast riffs for good measure.

Världens Band – Krafthalling

The first single from the 14 member, cross continental folk super- troop is an epic adventure in terms of sound and style. It’s all there in a punchy short expert of globe-trotting, with layers that give something new with every listen.

Landmarks – Bones

From the bands EP ‘Fighting Gravity’ released this yeah, Bones is Landmarks latest single. Slow guitars and lead singer Brad Shea’s heart wrenching vocals build into an epic piece of music, particularly the huge drums at the end, that accompany this heart breaking video perfectly.

Pretend – Through The Snow

A mesmerizing moment of beauty is the only way to describe Pretends seven-minuet epic ‘Through The Snow’. Enchanting beats and melody with a soft vocal all exploring tempo and dynamic to glorious effect.