Here are the 5 tracks that we’ve not been able to stop listening to and that you need to hear this week. Got something you think we need to hear? Get in touch at Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and keep up to date on Facebook and Twitter.

WOMPS – Live A Little Less

Glasgow two piece WOMPS released their video for ‘Live a Little Less’ last week and it somehow manages do me as dressed in 90’s style and fuzz as the track it’s self. Masterfully stylish, it’s a throw back to skate grunge that touches on Dinosaur Jr. and Pixies vibes.

White Reaper – Pills

Simplistically genius, the latest single from White Reapers debut album is a guitar chugging, beat steady work of pop art. The bouncing bass line and synth melody blended with a pack or guitar hooks is a perfect exhibition of what the Louisville band are capable.

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die – January 10th 2014

Waiting to hear a bands new album is never fun but TWIABP have been keeping up filled up with new music lately and a taste of their new album ‘Harmlessness’ in the form of ‘January 10th 2014’. It’s a massive tune that touches on eternally relevant subjects that are hard to ignore. It’s another stellar effort from the nine piece, flushed with riffs, noise, beats and heart.

Cheap Haircuts- Paper Cuts

Taken from the new four way split EP between some of the best grassroots American bands around, one of the highlights has to be ‘Cheap Haircuts’ – Paper Cuts. The witty as ever lyrics that mirror early Los Campesinos!, are crooned over a heavenly combo of keys, horns and guitars. Keep your eyes peeled for our full review of the split.

Mike Garry –  St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson

As a charity records for The Christie Mancunian poet Mike Garry pays tribute to the late great Tony Wilson. With the help of Joe Duddell, St. Anthony, hails the history and the culture of Manchester, is read by Garry over music arranged by Duddell and inspired by New Orders ‘Your Silent Face’.