Intoducing: \\GT//

Hailing from Birmingham Alabama, \\GT// power a sonic haze of noise that paints a psychedelic picture of the American South.


Three piece Alabama band \\GT// are one of a whole host of great acts looking back and adopting garage a sound laden with late 80’s vibes that’s psychedelic roots go back even further. Heart driven bass forms a sold core of their sound, fuzzed up guitar that could be taken straight from GOO, and rock steady beats that all seem just perfectly placed to give it a raw sound that’s not quite grunge but something with a mind of it’s own that the world needs more of. Devastating vocal hooks consume the brain through out, and draw you in to this psychedelic bliss that echo’s No Age and Crocodiles with hints of Nirvana circa Bleach. ‘Something Wrong With My Mind’, due for it’s U.K release July 31st, is a power house of tune that carves through your ear drums armed with nothing more than killer riffs and brute force, proving that \\GT// Psych-Grunge force to be reckoned with. It’s a sound that takes me back to being in tiny dim-lit rooms, with dripping walls, hearing nothing but a band and seeing nothing but limbs hurdling towards me. It’s intense heart pounding rock and roll that ignites and thrills.