5 Reasons Florence & The Machine are the right choice for Glastonbury headliners.

Florence and the Machine have stepped up to the mark and take on the Glastonbury headline slot, and It’s going to be incredible.

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Foo Fighters were always going to be a safe bet, but what’s always been great about Glastonbury is they’re not afraid to take risks, as evidenced by a certain Mr. West on the Saturday night, and more importantly they’re not afraid to give up and comers a shot at that headline slot, they did it with arctic monkeys after TWO ALBUMS. Flo is pretty well established in Europe and now stateside but she’s never really been a headline act, but with the unfortunate news of Dave Grohl’s broken leg, circumstances have changed. Here are five reasons Florence & the Machine is the perfect fill-in at this years Glastonbury.

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

I need to say up front, I’ve never been the biggest Flo fan, when I first heard Florence Welch way back when, I loved ‘Kiss With a Fist’, ‘Dog Days’ became a phenomenon, but personally ‘Lungs’ wasn’t the master class in pop songs I was hoping for and didn’t meet my expectations. Despite ‘Shake it Out’ being one of my favorite songs of 2011 I just couldn’t get excited about ‘Ceremonials’, but there’s no doubt these were massive albums that still mean so much to so many people. Florence and the Machines third outing see’s Welch and Co, hitting new strides, scoring their first US number one album it’s an encapsulating album that’s packed with great songs that will be filling the ears of everyone at the pyramid stage next Friday night.
Ladies Night

With the exception of Beyoncé the headline slots on the main stage at worthy farm in recent years have been pretty much a boys only club, and this year was set to be no different. There’s always gonna be a lot of fella’s on stage, it’s a male dominated industry, but the ladies do it just as well so it’s great to see a woman own the pyramid stage again especially with Mary J Blige working the main stage that evening.

My Money’s on ‘My Hero’

Flo has always pulled kick ass covers out of the bag, ‘You’ve Got The Love’, and a pretty nifty Fleetwood Mac cover during their 2010 Glasto set to name but a few. On one of the worlds biggest stages it’s sometimes easier to win the crowd over with a classic and with the possibility of some pretty pissed of Foo’s fans I can see there being a nod to Dave Grohl, as he puts his feet up with a brew at home, through a Foo Fighters cover.

It’s not James Blunt

To be fair he’s the king of Twitter trolling, but was this taking it too far? James Blunt joked that he’d be asked to take the Friday headline slot and some people took it a little too seriously. Even to joke about having to spend my Friday night listening to ‘You’re Beautiful’ gives me the chills.

It’s going to be awesome

If you’re a Florence and the Machine fan you’re going to love it, if you’re not, you’re probably still going to love it. After a career filled with stellar festival appearances, including an emotional Latitude headline set, they’re a tried and tested live act that know how to perform and this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. Friday night at the Pyramid stage Florence and the Machine will be playing the most important set of their career, and it’s going to be unmissable.

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