Introducing: Delta Palms

Delta Palms brings a truly British Vibe to the surf scene.

Manchester based DIY surf project Delta Palms is the brainchild of 22-year-old Reece Clayton. Infusing Indie rock songs with fuzz guitars the Blackpool native is creating irresistible surf pop. Growing up by the sea has certainly influenced his sound that’s littered with California licks and garage beats that mirror the transatlantic equivalent.

The one-man outfit has had plenty of time to work on his craft playing in bands for years before deciding to go it alone, creating music that follows an ever-growing revival of garage surf exploding across the U.K. Delta Palms is filled with northern style and steeped in star-spangled Americana heritage, feeling like the missing link between surf and Britpop.

Latest track ‘Don’t Wanna’ is driven by fuzzy bass and packed with hypnotizing steely guitar melody, it’s a nostalgic sound that feels more relevant than ever. A blend of lo-fi recordings, garage drums and poetic lyrics feel as though they’re at the heart of the Delta Palms ethos, creating a mesmerizing sound that’s only at it’s birth.

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