The Britanys – Want To Be (Single Review)

Check the latest single from NYC’s coolest new band ‘The Britanys’. Their addictive brand of garage pop is sure to draw you in and never let go.

The Britanys 2 tumblr_inline_nhvremY3v31rkuwhj

There’s no doubt about it, New York has produced some of the straight up coolest bands the world has ever seen! From Television to The Stokes there’s just something about the music the city broadcasts to radios around the rest of the world that us Brits can’t get enough of. NYC trio The Britanys are no exception from their fuzz guitars to their garage beats they perspire cool.

Their latest single is ‘Want To Be’, a jangley, beat heavy tune that seems to see’s the bands lo-fi garage roots blend with East Coast surf and British Indie rock. The tinny, guitar heavy track takes you away from your cares and worries in a haze of lo-fi that sounds just as lo-fi should, effortless. There’s a definite vibe of the big New York City acts that have gone before The Britanys in ‘Want To Be’ and across their back catalogue but also some how a feel of bands further away from the style in the way they build their songs, like The Smiths and New Order. Long story short this single is heavenly garage pop.

There are no plans as of yet for the band to hop over the pond for a few shows, but we can dream right? The Britanys are a really exciting band and despite being compared to other artists from the same city, this really isn’t something we have heard a million times before. While still in the same vein of more recent bands like Yuck and Smith Westerns, this band have a little more substance to them, The Britanys feel like they can really go the distance.