Landmarks – 40mg (Single Review)

Manchester Pop Punks Landmarks unveil their new track 40mg with a reshuffled line up and a bigger than ever sound. Check out the video in anticipation of their new E.P. ‘Fighting Gravity’

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Landmarks debut EP ‘Running On Empty’ was a stellar piece of work for a relatively unknown pop punk band from the North West of England, but the secret was they had a lot of heart and put it all into creating a sound they could be proud of. Now a year or so down the line they’re ready for EP number two, ‘Fighting Gravity’, but with the exit of former front man Liam Kennedy, guitarist Brad Shea has stepped up to the mark this time around. Shea already wrote most of the words in Landmarks, which were always jam-packed with wit, passion and clever references, and if the bands new track 40mg is anything to go by nothing has changed.

Addressing mental health issues can be tricky, especially in such an upbeat poppy tune, but the graceful power of this song makes it seamless. Touching on anxiety and the strength it takes to deal with it on a daily basis gives a voice to so many people’s issues, so kudos to landmarks.

The song itself starts softly before kicking in to a bang of beautifully crafted work layered with melodies that entwine perfectly. The typically ‘Landmarks’ guitar sound leads through panned riffs under the vocals, along with big drums that really give the band that next level sound. It’s perfect pop that makes the release of their second EP ‘Fighting Gravity’ one of the EP’s you’re going to need to hear this year.

Catch Landmarks in the U.K. before they hit Europe this year:

May 2nd – Pinky Swear Records – Sound Control, Manchester
May 15th ‘Fighting Gravity’ Release show @ Deadbolt, Manchester
May 17th Empire Festival – The Hop, Sheffield