5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (30/03/15)

Here are five tracks we think you need to hear this week. Got something you want us to listen to? Get in touch at shopliftersuni@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Kerri Watt – You

With her second EP on the way, under Libertines drummer Garry Powel’s 25 Hour Convenience Store Label, Kerri Watt is a remarkable talent that seems to have no limit. ‘You’ is a beautifully layered song lead by the Glaswegians stunning voice over an almost country vibe. Check out her EP launch on April 27th at Camden’s Bar Fly.

Lusts – Mouth Wash

Ever wondered what would happen if you took a song, covered it in glue and threw it into a pool of post punk? Leicester two-piece, Lusts, have- and it works beautifully. Mouthwash is a consistently riled up pop tune dressed in fuzz, synth and Stephen Morris style beats. There’s just something about this song that gives you the urge to move, or at least slowly sway your arms by your sides.

Pill – Misty Eyed Porno Reader

Brooklyn’s ‘Pill’ don’t only have an incredible knack for incredible song titles they can also make some pretty awesome sounds. It’s like heaped insanity, it’s like a Dali movie, it’s like Pill. It’s just incredible. Some of the best drumming we’ve heard this year.



Michael Baker – Dust and Bone

London based Michael Baker’s hypnotizing sound is soul stealing, irresistible and incredibly imaginative. ‘Dust and Bone’ is a strange and wonderful tune from his latest EP matching his voice with Georgia Mason, acoustic guitar and a laid back beat. An addictive acoustic sound with a taste of Bon Iver

Wolf Solent -Hold On

At first glance, this lo-fi infused pop song bares a strikingly obvious resemblance to The Velvet Underground, but it’s more like a New York Beatles. This charming tune is a fuzzy, folk work of art, radiating good vibes!