5 Bands Leading The British Pop-Punk Resurgence

Author: Jake Mcgloin

The resurgence of the British Pop Punk scene is an unexpected delight, the new crop of British artists who were inspired by the enormous naughties wave of the American Pop Punk cycle have come into their own and it’s time for them to take center stage with the likes of ‘Neck Deep’ and ‘As It Is’ looking poised to take over the world. Weather you took to the genre during the Emo invasion or back then Green Day dropped Dookie, there’s no denying the latest exports from this side of the pond have the potential to hit it with their transatlantic cousins. Here are five bands leading the British Pop-Punk resurgence. neck deep 2-e1391012660734

Landmarks – Manchester Manchester Pop-Punks Landmarks have their second EP due out May; expect big riffs and bigger beats. Their music sounds like they’ve put in all the hard work you’d expect from a stadium band with technical riffs and rhythms that flow like the big pop songs they are at heart. Match these with lyrics that are poignant, witty and some times straight up brave and you’ve got one of the best up and coming British pop punk bands around.

Boston Manor – Blackpool Their upbeat style make Boston Manors feel good tunes irresistible to your ears. The punching drums and tearing guitars in tracks like Peach State prove their credentials as one of the U.K.s most exciting prospect in this genre. Straight off tour with Moose Blood and the success of their record ‘Driftwood’ Boston Manor seem unstoppable right now.

MelroseKent Melrose are jam-packed with big chugging riffs and tricky beats equating in fiery anthems. The Pop Punk quartet seem to give life to their addictive style of music with ease and have shared the stage with some big names but this summer take on Europe with Manchester’s Landmarks in what can only be another step towards making Melrose global.

Six Time ChampionBrighton It’s big, it’s bold and it’s, quite frankly, bloody beautiful. Brighton’s Six Time Champion have a sound that pulls no punches, fast paced and riddled with noise that’s a blend of clever riffs, fast vocals and perfectly layered beats and hooks.

Creeper – Southampton If you’re looking for a very British take on Pop Punk that still has all the style and finesse of the genre running through it’s veins look no further, Creeper are fluent in Punk ethics with tunes like ‘Gloom’ channeling a darker side of Pop-Punk that can’t help but stir memories of the Emo glory days.

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