5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (16/03/15)

Here are the five tracks that have been flooding the shoplifters speakers this week! Got something we NEED to hear? Get in touch at Shopliftersuni@gmail.com or keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Red Light Runner – Just Might Find

The Kent based pop punk four piece just released their double A-side via Engineer Records. The release features ‘Lucky Thirteen’ along with ‘Just Might Find’, a track that’s powered forward with stunning guitars that span through a number of beautiful riffs and pounding beats. A stunning effort littered with melody.


Findlay – Wolfback

Due out in April Findlay’s latest effort is a little different from what we’ve heard from her before, it’s more beat heavy with a more electric feel. To put it short it’s blown us away. The Manchester native has been producing stunning, exciting music for a while now and this is no different, an exciting and catchy piece of work that’ll make you a Findlay addict, if you’re not already.


Justin L. Raisen, Jerry James, And Kitten – Big Dope Baby

This filthy pile of noise comes from producer Justin Raisen and he enlists the hep of Kitten and Jerry James. It screeches and whales like Karen O in her prime, like the sound of you exploding from all the shit you’ve put up with this week.

Check out Big Dope Baby Here!


Field Route – Bambi

You may know Matt Booth as the man who hits the drums on stage for Horsebeach, his side project, Field Route, takes him down a different path. This bedroom project is influenced by Davida Loca (Part Time), Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Ice Choir as well as his girlfriend’s artwork. Expect chill-wave vibes and an EP later this year.

Little Illusion Machine – The Shining

Starting off by taking notes from the Kubrick classic movie, The Shining is a well thought out track filled with intricate little surprises. It carries with it throughout, the feel of an Arctics track circa Humbug, like Indie rock and roll creeping out from a dark place. Spine tingling riffs and compelling narrative, this is a unique band with familiar features well worth keeping an eye out for.