5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (09/03/15)

Here are the five track’s you need to hear this week. Remember to keep sending new music to Shopliftersuni@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Leonard Hammersly – It’s OK To Be Alone

Over the past few years in Manchester one of the most exciting sounds has come from Selkirk born Leonard Hammersly. His unique range of dazzling power to gentle melodies bring to life his beautifully distinguished songwriting. So far he’s been bubbling under the surface, patiently dormant, but more then ever this seems to be the time his captivating, emotive sound needs to be heard.

Deep Shade – The Line

Wigan three-piece Deep Shade power out hard hitting fast paced rock. Currently working on their debut album ‘The Line’ offers a taste of the brooding super cool sounds they’re pumping out. Armed with a classic QOTSA feel this track epitomizes rock & roll.


MIA – CanSeeCan Do

She’s back and it’s classic MIA. The surprise track dropped to hardcore MIA fans going wild. And there’s no doubt as to why. It’s an amazing track, but what else would you expect?


Dave Gorman – Chase This Dawn

The Manchester based singer songwriters Youtube is littered with his own brand of acoustic bedroom recordings. “Chase this Dawn” is a perfect blend of folk and pop, with the guitar telling just as much of the story as the vocals. Its feel good tune filled with potential and well worth keeping an eye on this guys next outings.

Vinyl Plan – Friend Of A Friend

This track by the Hertfordshire band is steeped in emotion and hypnotizing rhythms. Melancholy pop at it’s finest; Vinyl Plan’s latest effort is as encapsulating as it is breath taking.

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