5 Acts Hull Can Showcase As City Of Culture

hull_2740768bAuthor: Jake McGloinIt is official! Hull has been named the UK City Of Culture 2017. An initiative by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the award aims to unlock creativity in the city and bring cultural events for the community to enjoy. With preparations underway, a small label in the North-Eastern city is making sure that Hull’s music talent is ready to dazzle the world. Warren Records, a branch of the non-profit Warren Centre, helps local musicians develop their craft by supplying rehearsal space, recording studios, and guidance from industry pros. Warren has recently partnered with the high street retailer, That’s Entertainment, to sell releases from local acts in their Hull store. With just two years to go until all eyes are on Hull, here are five of the acts, courtesy of Warren Records, tipped to make sure the city impresses.

Warren Records 9430875-large


Alt Rockets BREEZE are drenched in noisy guitar and beautiful melody, they could be from the east coast of America, not the U.K. Their sound is slick and solid with post punk undertones. One of the coolest bands we’ve heard this year, BREEZE will be impossible to ignore by 2017.

Crooked Weather

There seems to have been a folk revival in the UK in recent years but despite some success’, not all have really been up to scratch. Crooked Weather are a little different, their unique blend of classic and new folk makes their album Long Garden a delight. Melodic and magnificent, this music has so much heart it’s alive.


Their punk roots and Indie-Pop feel mean that LIFE have been making great tunes that have been turning heads for a while now. Addictive riffs and catchy vocal hooks seem to be at the core of LIFE’s music, which makes it no surprise they’re getting the recognition they, and the city, deserves.

Young Jack

The Indie-Funk four piece have developed a sound that’s reminiscent of the noughties Indie glory days, with enough of the future in there that it’s still exciting. Upbeat Indie-Pop that’s sure not to disappoint.

Jody McKenna

The beautiful song writing of Jody McKenna fuses traditional American and British folk values resulting in the most powerful stripped back songs. Emotive lyrics match with his acoustic guitar seem to tell two different stories intertwined.

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