5 Sheffield Acts To Look Out For

Author: Thomas Durkan

Sheffield is a city that has been known for producing a diverse range of music throughout the years. From Def Leppard to the Human League to Arctic Monkeys. But it seems like an eternity since ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ broke numerous records and put the steal city back on the map. Surely it’s time for someone to rise up and take the crown that Mr. Turner and Co. Have been hogging all these years. Here are 5 acts that could potentially do it.Sheffield_Station_from_Sheaf_Square

The Half Earth:

Originally from Blackpool, Conor Stephenson has been living in Sheffield now for some years and has been creating a buzz around his solo project called The Half Earth. Comparisons can easily be made to Bon Iver. His music is intense, personal and some might argue harrowing. He’s set to tour the country next month with Lucy Rose. It seems the future’s bright for The Half Earth.

Listen to “Glass”:

Low Duo:

Having played together in various bands for a while, brothers Leigh and Adam Greenwood decided to set out on their own. Just one guitar and one vocal. The outcome is phenomenal. One moment it’s raw anger, the next it’s gentle and melodic. But it is always passionate. With 4 EPs and an LP already available, LD already have a considerable back catalogue and you can catch them playing regular gigs around the city.


Listen to “No Happier”:




Laurel Canyons:


Americana? In South Yorkshire? Ee by gum! Well blend that with some good psych-indie rock and that’s exactly what Laurel Canyon’s are bringing to the table. And boy do they deliver. They released their debut EP ‘Now We’re Rebuilding’ in November, have garnered high reviews from the likes of Steve Lamacq and supported King Charles. The sky is the limit for Laurel Canyons, and I can’t see them falling short.

Listen to “Owe Nothing”:

James Ewan Tait:

Full of pure talent and a voice that will surely be breaking the hearts of thousands of girls around the world, James Ewan Tait can usually be found preforming around Sheffield with his acoustic in tow. However, he is currently working in the studio with a band and expanding his sound from the everyday singer-songwriter, as can be seen by his song Jug Band Blues. I for one am looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the studio.

Listen to “Jug Band Blues”:

The Hosts:

The Hosts have been around the Sheffield music scene now for a few years. Reminiscent of a record you would hear playing in the background of a 1960’s period film, they are full of nostalgia but also much more. Their first album has just dropped and they’re set to play in London at the end of the month. Surely world domination is next on the list.

Listen to “September Song”:

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